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Nature's Greeting

Because nature greets me this morning—her tweet-tweet and schwee-schwee—and because I want to write, but am running out of time, I open an old little notebook and turn through a few pages to see if anything calls to me, and I see her—I see Mother Nature there amongst other thoughts, and I bring her to the page from December 9, 2008.

I remember this day, of walking along the road, cars passing by, and then she took hold…


I hear the heart
beat of Mother Nature
in the yellow fall leaves.

I see the heartbeat of Mother Nature in
the silent blue bird upon the stark tree.

I am enveloped with
Mother Nature as I
walk in unison, in the hush—of my own
heart beat.


And so I go, to begin the day, with her—we—by my side.

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like a drum drumming drummer
beating through my veins
a rhythm all around me
and in me life explodes

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Thanks for reading,

Thanks for reading, Quenntis. I like your drumming.

"And in me life explodes." Yes, what a wonderful feeling"!