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Morning light
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The jazz of Stan Getz plays into the morning light
above the rim of the teacup,
steam swirls,
saxophone notes glide and tease,
before lifting upward.

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Lovely music, Lovely

Lovely music,

Lovely picture,

Lovely language to start the day.


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Thank you, Annette!

Thank you, Annette!

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Stan Getz

Haven't thought of him for quite a while.

Saw him with his little group at Ravinia, outside Chicago. Loved it.

Must see if I still have the record we bought to remember that evening.

Thanks for reminding me, Rebbecca

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It must have been something

It must have been something special to see him and his group live.

I'm so glad I helped you remember, Dolores. :)

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Rebbecca: I understand


I understand morning light, tea cup, steam, music, but I did not know Stan Getz. So, when I first read your minimalistic morning musings, I waited. Then I thought I should know, so I searched. It is afternoon now, and I feel a little less ignorant.

Thank you not only for this word-play of starting the day, but for introducing me to one more sound.


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Farzana, Thanks for sharing

Farzana, Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m glad you searched and morning turned to afternoon with one more sound.