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Mis palabras son
en las lineas y colores
de la mariposa.

(Rebb reading Mariposa in Spanish)

My words are
in the lines and colors
of the butterfly.


I was walking this morning and my mind was wandering and I was thinking of writing and Spanish—and mariposa, the Spanish word for butterfly flew into my mind and then these few Spanish words formed and I pulled my little notebook out and wrote them down. They are simple but grasped how I felt in that moment.


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I am afraid to listen to my

I am afraid to listen to my own voice reading poetry!  I clicked play twice on yours and I have to say, there is something magical about poetry in spanish and then taking it one step further and hearing it read to you... it's like I time traveled even if it was only for a few seconds.  Beautiful Rebbecca!  :-)

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Your words are encouraging

Your words are encouraging and I’m so glad you felt that you time traveled for those few seconds. This recording was much shorter than La Luna.

I hope that if you have the curiosity/desire, that you give it a try and listen to yourself reading your poetry. I have not always felt comfortable listening to my voice at all. It feels more comfortable listening to myself in Spanish. I faced one of my fears a couple years ago and took a public speaking course and also took a one day course on introduction to voice overs—those voices you hear in commercials or people reading audio books, etc. I was so curious. It turns out it wasn’t something I wanted to pursue, but I’m glad I took the course because when I thought it was a possibility, I started recording my voice reading different things to see how I sounded. I had even written something that I intended to record, but I got nervous and put it away. I would be reading it in English With English—somehow, it doesn’t seem to convey all of my feelings, the way that Spanish does. I may still revisit that small piece and post it one day.




Thank you, Rina!




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Simply beautiful!

Rebbecca, This is simply beautiful! I listened several times, as well:-)

Thank you for sharing.



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That's so sweet of you,

That's so sweet of you, Catherine. Thank you so much for reading, listening, and sharing in the moment!