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Love is two dolphins entwined, held securely in place by their tailfins, bodies enveloped in sun rays, around the stem of a lotus blossom, one growing into the other. Water flows from the top of the blossom, from the mouths of the dolphins, into and out of the two golden chalices below. We are surrounded in a Neapolitan backdrop of angel blue sky into yellow sun into blue green water, reflected back into the sky—above and below. Love. Balance.

Inspired from pulling and viewing the 2 of Cups – Love
-Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck painted by Lady Frieda Harris

I must say I was quite pleased to see this card. I haven’t pulled it in some time. I immediately felt gladness and wanted to share.

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You’ve worked your visual/verbal magic description again, Rebbecca. I especially love ‘angel blue sky.’ Although I operate personally within a framework based on pragmatism, I hold a great fondness for those things, like my recent luck blog, that remained unexplained.
A yellow sun, a dolphin fountain, Naples. I needed to read that right now! Thanks.

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I'm so very glad you enjoyed

I'm so very glad you enjoyed it, Mara! I live for the unexplained and often need to pull a little pragmatism into my framework. Always in the clouds... Have a good day and many wonderful “now” moments! :)