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Little synchronicities

This morning on our way to the Farmer’s Market, I was taken aback, as “Morning Dance” began playing on the radio. It wasn’t until yesterday, when I read Mary Wilkinson’s blog “I’m Dancing!” that this song came into my awareness. I never hear this song on the radio. I smiled and began tapping my foot. I told my boyfriend how I came to know this song; he knew it well. Honestly, I hadn’t even heard of Spyro Gyra until yesterday. He knew though, and I just thought to myself, “al be darned.” And then I thought of how a little book on freedom fell off my shelf while I was grabbing another book—Sumathi’s blog. Little synchronicities. That’s one of the things that I love so much about life…that situations, experiences, reading several blogs—every little thing can cause a gentle shift within my psyche and present little moments and these moments then present other moments and cause me to smile and to recognize the little wave in the ocean—or was it a drop—that I’ve read Sumathi say. I feel like a drop today, a drop in the vast ocean, the feeling of being in the water, being a part of the water, being the water.  

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That is truly synchronicity!

That is truly synchronicity! I've experienced it before only when I have put myself OUT there, if you know what I mean. It is incredible though. You ask yourself, is this really happening right now and you make the connections. Enjoy the music, keep the dance going, live the life!

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I truly enjoy these

I truly enjoy these synchronistic moments. I am getting better with putting myself OUT there--on the many levels that out there manifests. Yes, yes, yes! Will enjoy the music, the dancing--living life!

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Do you know

that you are guided Rebecca? I see in you someone with great spirituality.Am I wrong?

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Hi Abdelwahab, the best way

Hi Abdelwahab, the best way that I can answer this is by saying that I feel a most deep communion with nature and it's living creatures: birds, dogs, cats, trees, insects, flowers, leaves, bark...all that is living. My grandmother was a highly spiritual person and when very young, I don't know that I understood how much of an influence she had on me until I grew older. I ran into dark mental terrain that seemed would never cease and because of "helping hands" along the way and inner work, I found my way back to the light. I don't follow a set doctrine, but I try to practice mindfulness in all that I do. Now, of course, I get angry with myself and with others sometimes--I mess up--, or whatever other emotions come up, etc.. I am still human (although, I wish to come back as a great black crow, at least once) and not perfect, but I strive to maintain some sort of balance and always look to nature, my grandmother up above, and Thich Nhat Hanh as my guides. Sometimes I feel like there are still a set of "helping hands" out there somewhere, but I don't know that I always know how to listen--or maybe I'm not ready. Thanks for reading and responding, Abdelwahab.

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HI Rebbecca

I am very touched by your sincerity.It is good to listen to nature as it is a tremendous teacher.

You said : " I feel like there are still a set of "helping hands" out there somewhere, but I don't know that I always know how to listen."

That's our common flaw to all of us. Anyway I find some great wisdom in your words. Best

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Hi Rebecca,

I found myself smiling and nodding my head reading your piece and the comments/responses between you and Abdelwahab. Nature is my church as well; it is where I feel connected to a family that is not bound by a set of rules and conditions. It is often hard to articulate these spiritual sensations or insights but you captured it perfectly. I can also relate to feeling guided but there are times when I think I need a thump on the head or a tug in the right direction--fear I am sure plays a huge role in letting go and moving forward. Anyway, thanks for the reminders.

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Hi Karen, thanks for your

Hi Karen, thanks for your comments and for stopping by. I like that image: thump on the head--I can imagine a friendly gnome like creature walking around and giving me a good thump once in a while too--and knock the fear right out of me :)

 p.s. I agree with Abdelwahab about your photo--good vibes...


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Your picture

Your picture is full of graphic eloquence Karen.Peace,Peace,Peace!

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Yes, I am a drop in the ocean too!

Yes, I am a drop in the ocean too!

What a lovely post, thank you. :)

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Ocean drops

Thanks for reading, Ryoma! A new flavor of candy: Ocean drops.
Lemon drops, gum drops, little wonderful ocean drops.