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Just be Yourself

Being positive is a vase of tulips
on the verge of drooping,
then someone comes along,
tosses a penny for your thoughts.

Surrounded by outwardly happy and positive souls,
on days you’re not feeling the same,
you figure, why can’t I feel that way, be that way?

Strive to be happy, positive, balanced. Sure, why not?
But some days, that’s not you. Some days, you may feel
like shit, want to scream, pull your hair out, throw your arms and slam them down.

Look at the feelings, honor them, embrace them—own it. You stuff the feelings down, pretend they are not there; they will find you and surprise you in the worst of ways.

The more we find our inner light—what truly makes us spark and let go of the petty things that we hang onto and allow to annoy us, the more we become in touch with our natural ability to be truly beautiful as vases of tulips, tulips that will spring up, then down, wither, move on, move along.



Today is a combination of odd and even numbers
switching and dividing—adding and subtracting into each other.

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...It's also the first day of

...It's also the first day of Spring.

Thank you for your beautiful post.

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Thank you, Katherine. Hooray

Thank you, Katherine. Hooray for Spring!

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That's gorgeous, Rebecca

Nice rosy greeting to the day. Thanks for sharing. Cheers

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Thank you, Michael. I'm glad

Thank you, Michael. I'm glad you felt a rosy greeting to the day.

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I love tulips Rebb because of

I love tulips Rebb because of the obvious journey they reveal to me from their lovely position on the dining room table, stunning in a glass vase. Upright at first, glorious in their stance until the gradual but graceful bend into acceptance. Thank you for your lovely post on something we almost take for granted but happily do not. As writers we must take the ordinary and exult in it.  mx

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Tulips are wonderful indeed,

Tulips are wonderful indeed, Mary, and they most definitely remind me of spring and Easter and so much more. If possible, nothing must be taken for granted and yes as writers, we must...yes.