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I Talk to the Plants at Work

I talk to the plants at work. Each morning I greet the short plant that I call Shorty. He's the first one I see. Sometimes I forget, and when I do, something feels off, which causes me to go back around from my desk to set my eyes upon him. There was a little while there when I would let him dry out until he looked like wilted spinach, but it wasn't to be cruel. It's that it was easier to water him that way, to be sure the water penetrated him well. And it was lovely to watch him go from a low droop to the perkiest, happiest, Shorty that he is. I stopped doing that though and thought it best to keep him looking his best in case a visitor came during one of his droopy moments. They wouldn't understand. Instead, shorty would look neglected.

Today when I was watering the rest of the plants, I was admiring and speaking to the tall palm. He doesn't have a name–just Tall Palm. His new leaves had unwrapped so beautifully. I took my hand after watering him and felt his new leaf, seeing how perfectly it had unwrapped from a tight frond, feeling the smoothness–his cool skin and veins. The light was shining through the window and I could see the silhouette of my fingers. I was seized by the moment. I set the watering can down, grabbed my phone, and snapped a photo. It was a simple wonderful moment where the palm and I connected on a different level. It was as though I was seeing the palm and myself for the first time; life beating through our veins, and it was lovely.

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We're not so different...

Fronds and fingers, dependent upon water, just waiting to be noticed.  It's all the same.

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Yep, I agree, Ron...how we're

Yep, I agree, Ron...how we're not so different. But isn't it lovely, all the same...to be noticed...by a force of nature, holding up a mirror for us to see ourselves anew...

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Lovely Rebb. I love the

Lovely Rebb.

I love the picture. I have a peace plant at work with leaves almost that large. It has thrived since I put it in the reception area where there is a lot of activity. 


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Thanks, Annette. It's

Thanks, Annette. It's funny...I've been watering and talking to this plant for years now, and this is the first time I've ever been inspired to take a photo and capture the memory. He's been doing great. There was a short time that his leaves weren't unfolding that well, but now he looks really happy. It sounds like the peace plant likes the hustle bustle of the front office. : )






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You will love to know about

I like this post Rebb. I personally think there is no difference between 'living and non living' to the universe's eye.You will love to know about an Indian film in which a girl has mystical powers to turn into a fragile tree.


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Jitu, Thank you very much for

Jitu, Thank you very much for telling me about this movie. I hope that I can find it to rent or buy. I tend to think there is life in everything too, even that which we might see as 'non living' on the surface. I do believe the universe pulses through every little fiber of our whole existence, in different vibrations—some that we cannot see or feel, but somehow we know are there.