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I am a weeping willow

I am a weeping willow;
I do not weep tears of sadness,
but tears of joy.
My long tendrils hang, cover
my naked body, protect me
from the elements and
outside forces.
I stand here and weep–
weep for no other reason
than for the simple
reason that I can.
I will shed tears of sadness–
tears in all shapes and sizes.
And I will know that I am alive in this
world because
I feel.

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Rebbecca, Love the imagery of


Love the imagery of this piece. I love seeing a weeping willow swaying back in forth in the breeze. 



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Thank you, Annette. A weeping

Thank you, Annette. A weeping willow swaying in the breeze...yes, a lovely sight.

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Weeping Willow

Tears of joy and tears of sadness.  How good that we can feel. 


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Thanks for visiting, Sue.

Thanks for visiting, Sue. It's hard to picture what it would be like to not feel.