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Happiness Is…

What is happiness? What does it mean to me?

Happiness is a gloomy day, big, fluffy elephant clouds, but with just the right amount of sunshine holding on, telling me to hang on too, to hang on to the light.

It’s when the crow flies low, so I can see his feathers, black fire—and he beckons me to watch his flight, as he lands on the street signal and speaks, caw-caw, caw-caw, and stands strong, fearless, knowing who he is and his place in this world.

Happiness is a sad moment looking out the second story window, peering into the kumquat tree and then…hearing the hum of the hummingbird and looking up to find him taking his nectar from the tiny white blooms—and in that moment of his arrival, he tells me not to worry and lifts my chin and turns my lips upward with his presence. This means everything to me. This is my happiness—knowing that these gifts are there everyday to behold—to bring joy and peace and happiness within, which in turn can be…

spread around,
like little pebbles on the sea,

like drops of rain
that leap from gray clouds,
out through the diamond

held open
by the sun’s light.

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...when the crow flies

...when the crow flies low...lovely imagery Rebb. May you always be happy. m

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Thank you, m. May you always

Thank you, m. May you always be happy too; and may we also be able to navigate rough waters when they present themselves.

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I liked "black fire" and all the rest of the images. Beckoning me to see his flight. I will probably remember this when I see the geese flying over our little lake this year. Happy New Year.

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Sue, Thank you very much for

Sue, Thank you very much for reading and commenting. It's nice to see you here :) Happy New Year.

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That crow with the black

That crow with the black fire feathers, I've seen, but now through your eyes. Lush descriptions here. Keep looking through happy eyes and the world will share its joy. Be blessed in 2010, Rebb!

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Hi Dorraine, Thanks so much

Hi Dorraine, Thanks so much for your encouraging words.

 Thank you, and may we all be blessed in 2010!