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This may be a scattering of thoughts. I’ve felt a bit odd of synch with my blog because I’ve gone back to my personal journal pages and those have been a rambling of my thoughts. Sometimes those thoughts make their way to my blog and sometimes not. I’ve  been rethinking a lot of things and I do best when I’m preoccupied and don’t have too much time to over think. I tend to sometimes allow my thoughts to go everywhere and other times they are more focused. It could be that I’m winding down or winding up, depending on how I look at it.

I’m rolling along somewhat unexcitedly in my short story writing class. Yes, I have written a few scenes; and yes, I’ve written a couple of stories, but overall the experience wasn’t what I expected. I’m definitely glad that I’ve taken other creative writing courses in the past. Now, I have one more perspective to add to my collection. I think I may be outgrowing the community college course format.


Mr. Squirrel I almost ran over you.
I kept my eyes out for you
when I drove the winding roads.
I saw you with your cute
cheeks filled with nuts. You started to run.
I pushed the breaks hard. Next thing I knew,
I was clenching my teeth in hopes
that you made it across.
When I looked back, there you were
wiggling your bushy tail; you
zipped across, with those cute cheeks,
filled with your bounty,
bound for your winter home.


Have you checked out the iTunes U Apple App? They have a large selection of free course material from different universities that you can access. I’m currently enjoying a course: History of Children’s Literature through La Trobe University in Australia. The instructor is David Beagley. In this particular course I only have access to the audio, but I have enjoyed what I’ve listened to so far. Very insightful, and this is a strong area of interest for me right now.

Sunday I took myself to a used bookstore to sell a stack of books. I realized that the books I was taking could easily be checked out from the library at a later time if I still wanted to read them. Because I’m on a children’s book kick, that was my mission. I just wanted to browse what was there on the shelves. I was so excited when I saw a familiar book that I had completely forgotten about: Petunia by Roger Duvoisin. I just remember the cover with Petunia on it on a red background and that’s it, so I had to buy it to add to my books. I also saw a couple other books that I wasn’t familiar that I felt were worth having.

Some years ago I found myself buying an out of print children’s book from an online bookseller. There were a few other titles that I recently decided that I wanted to own, also out of print. So there I was on Sunday night, pressing the buy button, half feeling bad about the need to possess these books and half feeling what the heck, we only live once and these books may be even harder to find at some later date.

I’ve managed to finish a few other books…though this month or perhaps it’s the season, or perhaps there’s a cycle I’m in and that cycle is: scattered.

In getting ready to say goodbye to October,
I imagine myself enveloped in deep gray clouds.
Sitting atop a tall wall of white brick that looks onto a castle.
I hug me knees close to my body, listen to the night air—
this quiet feeling will carry me through winter.

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You sound somewhat

You sound somewhat discontented.  I once did a creative writing course but quit after a few classes.  I didn't find it useful.  I hear there are some wonderful ones our there, though.

Our teacher's body language suggested that teaching us lot was way beneath him.  The first time I read something out, he said, "You're clever, aren't you?"

The second time, "You write well, don't you?"

I didn't bother going back after that.  That is not constructive criticism.

I like your poem about the squirrel.  I will read it out to my bushy-tailed friends in the park :–)

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I think I should have

I think I should have followed my gut on this one and not taken it. I was curious and now I must finish. I did take a creative writing class many years ago that I really liked. I was curious to explore the short story further, but have found that the approach for this class does not suit me and also as I knew of myself that the short story is not my favorite container to write in, though I wanted to revisit it because of my experience the first time.

Your example of your class instructor does not sound like a positive experience at all. The instructor for my class is great and provides very helpful feedback; it’s just the format that I don’t care for. Nevertheless, and contrary to what I said at first, I have gained something from the class so far and will continue to I’m sure. Halfway through, my enthusiasm level is just a bit lower than I’d like it to be. : )

Glad you liked the poem about Mr. Squirrel. : )