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Dear October,

I wrote to you this morning while I was on the brink of waking. I felt calm as I was writing to you especially after having an unsound sleep, getting over something—the food I ate? The change of weather? The usual. What I noticed—and I remember this feeling from childhood is of not being able to be still in my thoughts. I was feverish and also had chills, off and on, my head ached horribly—all I could do was sleep—and thoughts and images would not leave me be. They seemed to be going at a rate that made me feel things were moving quickly. I would try to watch them fly by and then I would also think of things that bring me calm. Trees. Breathing. Ocean. They helped, but feeling as though I was in a mad whirlwind of worry made me realize that it’s part of  you, dear, October, more than any month.

Dear October,

You bring life and death—new beginnings. You are a dark cloth with vents that allow the air and light to shine in. You are a month that contains many intersections for me—a month to remember—a month that is both heavy and light.

I look to you October with a hesitation and at the same time I look to you with all my might. I stand at your outer edges and I jump high, leap, open my arms and move forward into love.

That’s all that I can muster for now, October. I know there will be more.

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Oh Rebecca, this is so beautiful...

You captured the essence of October so well-I've lost several relatives in October which makes me want to shake my fist to the sky and say "October! You did it again!" Yet there's the beauty of the leaves changing, and the fact we're getting ready for winter.


Jennifer Gibbons, Red Room

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Thank you so much for reading

Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment, Jennifer! Nice to be able to share the beauty and all that October brings—those changing leaves are a savior.

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A happy October to you!

Ah, Rebb, may the vents be large this October filling your life with light and air--and love.  May your thoughts be still tonight with only the gentlest of images of softly falling leaves and may you have a settling for a peaceful night's sleep.  Your post was lovely,

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Happy October to you too,

Happy October to you too, Sue! The images that you've added have lifted me and fill me with joy--thank you.

On the up side, Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. It's not the same as when I was a child, but I still love it. 

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Dear Reb

I like ur addressing.... to the month and all that it holds . nice. hope ur well. yes, Oct is the month I was born, 24th, so its important to me too.

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Sumi, It's nice to see you.

Sumi, It's nice to see you. Yes, am doing well--feeling much better today--thank you. Hope you are well also and painting perhaps? Ah, in case I forget, Happy early Birthday to you, Sumi!

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lovely Reb

Sweetheart my birthday is on 24th, anyway I accept your loving wishes, thank you for keeping alive in your memories. I going on a vacation tomorrow, leisure time so I found time to read and leave a comment. 


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I remember a teacher, long ago, reading our class about "October's bright blue weather." That was in Chicago. Yes, there would be brilliantly sunny days but with a nip in the air. Such days held 2 messages--summer is ending;  winter is coming.

Now, as an adult, October begins with a special remembrance: the Transitus of St. Francis.

It ends with the remembrance of the death of Geoffrey Chaucer.

The month begins with quiet, joyful contemplation. Then a whirlwind of activity gets us to the Chaucer celebration. It is my favorite month.

May your October be splendid, Rebbecca.


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Dolores, Sharing your

Dolores, Sharing your experiences of October, makes me feel that my October will indeed be splendid. I now have more to add to my October remembrances and they will continue. I look forward to one day being able to set time aside to read The Canterbury Tales. You've definitely re-sparked that interest in me. Thank you for your warm words.

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Dear Rebbecca,

Beautiful! This lifted me with an echo of truths in the written Word - Love.

May you be blessed knowing how much you are truly loved and remembered by the beloved, which are nearer in every October -new beginnings.  




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Ah Catherine, your words echo

Ah Catherine, your words echo right back to me and fill me with peace. Thank you so much for your kind words!

"Nearer in every October - new beginnings." Perfect. Lovely words, Catherine.