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Water is as steady as thoughts
as unstable as a child’s first steps
as old as time as fresh as life
as mysterious as dreams

—Amanda Ditmore, age 9
Berkeley, California

Every year River of Words sponsors a free international art and poetry contest for young artists between the ages of 5 and 19. There is still time for your young artists to submit through December. You can read all about the contest rules at the link below.

I visited St. Mary’s College for the last day of the River of Words exhibit. When I learned of it through the library, I went to the college website and was drawn into the watercolor image of the fish displayed on the museum web page.

Looking at the artwork on the walls and reading the poems that were interspersed between the artwork was invigorating. No two artworks were alike, each representing the young human’s view, each a profound statement.

I walked slowly through the exhibit, taking in each piece. I have always been inspired by children’s art and poetry because there is a fresh, spontaneous element, and also in many cases a refined quality beyond my beliefs.

You can click on the first link below to view the 2012 winners and finalists. From this page, you can also view the poetry. I hope you enjoy the images.

River of Words 2012 Art Gallery

Read more about River of Words here

River of Words Website

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Rebbecca, Thanks for sharing


Thanks for sharing this site. My daughter, an artist, was thrilled to see the beautiful pictures and I enjoyed the poetry and the artwork done by such talented kids!


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I'm glad you and your

I'm glad you and your daughter enjoyed!


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Amanda's poem is impressive--even for an adult--but for a 9 year old!!

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So true...It's mind boggling,

So true...It's mind boggling, yet at the same time it shouldn't be. I feel that sometimes maybe we don't give enough credit or we somehow hinder young minds and also I wonder if sometimes we fall into the trap of stereotyping age groups. Sometimes age can be deceiving in general--something that's been on mind, but still churning the thoughts around.

Thanks for visiting, Sue!