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Clearing the Creative Channels
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My first degree is in English, heavily focused on creative writing. I blame that for why I agonize over every word I put on the page. Makes it hard to get into the zone when you analyze and re-analyze every word you put on the page. Apparently, I'm a glutton for punishment, though, because as I've already mentioned I returned to school to get another  bachelor's degree program in vascular ultrasound. I love learning, but I've had enough of tests and homework, at least for another ten years. LOL!

Still, I never cease to be amazed at how much school really does take out of you. As soon as I was done with all the work involved with that program it seemed as though the dampers that had had kept me from finding the words to put on the page came off. I really don't know what changed, but I started writing more pages per day then I thought I'd ever be able to do and I didn't even need to take long hot showers, to find the words. Don't ask me why, but when I'm really stuck a hot shower seems to be another way to help clear the creative channels and help me focus in on the scene I want to write.

I've managed completed two stories. One novel length, and one short story. The first story I completed was a M/M vampire novel which is still sitting on the shelf in need of editing, but I fully intend to get back to that soon. The next was a M/M short which I have submitted to Samhain for consideration for inclusion in their Angels/Demons anthology. Wish me luck, the acceptance/rejections will be going out relatively soon.

I've also managed to plot out my next story. It feels awesome to be writing and be productive instead of only being able to focus on it in dribs and drabs. Hopefully, I'll have new material out there soon.