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Death is not Final-Part 1

Terry felt like crap. It was the kind of feeling where you know you are going to puke your guts out, but there is nothing there to get rid of. He steadied himself against the railing before continuing upstairs. These waves of nausea were getting frequent flyer miles within Terry’s body. He wanted to sit down and rest, but he had a job to do and this sickness was just going to have to take a back seat. He reached the top of the third floor when the pain ripped through him. He doubled over, clutching his chest as the secretary came around the corner towards the steps. She rushed towards Terry screaming “Someone get a doctor!” Terry looked up at her and tried to mouth some words, but he found that his tongue decided it was time to stop working. He sputtered some nonsensical gibberish as others came from the offices to see what the matter was. He again tried to form some words, to no avail, and it was then that he collapsed to the floor in a heap. Terry looked up at the ceiling and saw the fluorescent lights. He then noticed that they were getting brighter and brighter. He heard voices around him, but they were muffled and he could not make them out. Terry felt like he was flying, or was it floating? He could not tell which one it was. He saw the ambulance load a body into it and it looked like his body! He remembered reading about out of body experiences, but he never thought he would experience it himself. Maybe this was all a dream and he would wake up soon. He had been having these really weird dreams recently. They had been so vivid, walking across a wide plain and then it shifts to a grove of trees. Maybe this was one of them too. That would explain it, he would wake up and everything would be where he remembered it. He has got to remember to leave the spicy food alone before going to bed. That is what caused this crazy dream. All he has to do is close his eyes and he will wake up. A hospital? What kind of crazy dream is this? Hey there is his body again, lying on a table. His shirt was open and there were people in white coats all around him. Terry moved closer to see what was going on. They were putting some kind of paddles on his chest. He knew what that was. He had seen enough movies to know that was a defibulator, which was used to shock the heart into beating again. He heard the muffled voices again and then just as they began to shock his body, Terry felt a jolt of pain course through him. He clutched his chest just as another jolt was applied to his body. Terry cried out in agony, the pain was getting unbearable and he was on the verge of blacking out. Then the bright lights appeared again. They seemed to spin around and around where Terry’s field of vision was. He must be going crazy, because this is like nothing he has ever experienced before. No alcohol that he has drunk ever affected him like this. Not even the concoction that his roommate created called “whoop-ass juice” made him feel like this. The lights dimmed and he began to focus on his surroundings again. He seemed to be in a church looking at people who seemed to be crying. He made his way down the aisle and he recognized the faces that he saw. His roommates and other friends and associates were sitting in the pews. At the front of the church he saw that his brothers were there along with the rest of his family. What was going on? He should have awakened by now. This was a weird dream that seemed to be getting more and more strange with each passing moment. He wondered who was in the coffin that was at the front of the church. He cautiously walked up there to see and that was when he was hit by a wave of dizziness and nausea. Ignoring the sickness that was coming upon him, he forced himself up to the front of the church and looked in the coffin. What he saw sent chills throughout his body and caused him to black out. Just before losing consciousness, the last image that he had was that of his body lying in the coffin holding a red rose.