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Wisdom of a Hunter

     Sitting outside his TeePee the indian chief watched his son approach and sit down. The young boy's face looked sad and the chief questioned this.

     "Father, I hunt every day, to try to make you proud. Yet, I still have not been successful in my hunts. I don't now what I'm doing wrong."

     "What techniques are you trying as you stalk that which you are trying to kill?"

     "I have tried so many things and listened to so many people and yet nothing they advise me to do seems to work."

     "My son, you are learning one of life's most important lessons. Saying this, there are two things I want you to take from this discussion today. The first is, you never have to try and make me proud. That you are so dedicated to trying has earned that pride already. The next thing is the most important lesson you may ever learn. When others give you advice, in your own mind you need to decide if this advice is backed up with experience, the teachings of others, or is it just advice given to you based on their own imagination or assumptions?

     "Your success on your hunts needs to be something you teach yourself. Learn as much as you can about the habits of the animal you are after. Where does it eat? Drink? Sleep? Study the goal you are trying to achieve and look at it from as many different angles as you can. I don't mean this just in hunting. I mean it in everything you do. If you climb a dead tree, expect to fall.

     "Finally my son, live your life your way and stop relying so much on the advice you receive from your friends. You have great friends. This is in no way an insult to them. However, they have nothing to gain by the advice they give you except the satisfaction that you listened or the disappointment that you didn't. But their satisfaction or disappointment is theirs to deal with and no matter which way it works out, it is ultimately you who will have to live with your actions. If you know in your heart that what you are doing is the right thing, then do it. Live and seek your own wisdom.