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What will Tomorrow Bring?

     As I sat there in the foodcourt of the local mall I noticed a person texting on their cell phone. As I sipped on my Pepsi, I let my eyes wander and then saw someone else doing the same. In each case, that person was with someone else. Still, I took it all in. There were 37 people texting within that small area of the mall and all I could do was shake my head in realization that yet another of modern technology's fads had finally taken ahold of and gripped our society.

     I pondered the many young people I know that have let themselves become so absorbed by today's popular video games and the many different variations of the virtual world. It made me think of how recently I had gotten great deals in a "Border's" book store that was going out of business. That's something I never thought I'd see and it saddened me that our society has become so absorbed by the electronics world, books are being laid to rest. Of course there are the electronic books, but remove your power source and what do you have?

     I mentioned this to an associate at work and the reply was, "Well Ray, that's progress man. Gotta go with the flow." He stopped short and reached into his pocket, to bring out his cell phone that was vibrating with a new message. As he walked off, focusing on his replying to the message he'd just received, he tripped over an object on the floor, totally unaware of its existence. I put my hands on my hips and walked away shaking my head. I believe the whisper that left my lips was something like, "Yep, that's progress."

     So where do I draw the line in what I feel is an acceptable level of the electronics world and how it balances itself with the real world? I find myself shaking my head at others, yet I'm in my third year of schooling, made possible by the computer and internet world. I have reconnected with friends, made possible by a social website known in short as "FB."  What separates me from those that I am mentally criticizing? Perhaps nothing, or perhaps just the very fact that I am aware that the real world still exists. I take in the beauty of nature while on a bike ride. I find my favorite place to shop is Barnes & Noble. I enjoy watching children laugh and play.

     Do I think of the electronics world as a virus? Do I think there is danger in the virtual world? The very words I am typing at this moment are going into a blog on a website that others will read. Is there anything dangerous about that? I think not. I only hope that people will find the balance and know when it is okay and when it is not okay. Nothing like drinking wine and eating cheese on a Friday night in front of a fireplace. It's just not a good idea to do it while you are driving.  Everything has a time and a place.

     Throughout the advances of time, and the progress of the scientific world, man will progress. Throughout history we have stumbled and fallen. We have always gotten back up and continued on, stronger than we were before. Today, I sit here thinking of the young people that may be missing out on schooling because they have buried themselves in some virtual world. Is this bad? Or, is it causing their imagination to grow and strengthen beyond which my own mind can even comprehend? I hear the echo of my parents (God rest them both) as the words would leave their mouths. "Kids these days have no idea how it was for us." Perhaps that was true then, and perhaps it is still true if I was to say it today. I find myself wondering........."What will tomorrow bring?"