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Welcoming the End of the World as we Know it!

     Because the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012, it has been assumed that the end of the world as we know it is near. Well, we know what they say about assumptions.

     So, let's just play with this for a minute. Assume the world "as we know it" is supposed to end, or that some catastrophic event is going to occur. What can we do to change it? What influence would we humans possibly have if this prediction were actually true? Think about this while I give you my personal opinion on the matter.

     The prediction as it is or was, has been made by humans. Humans seem fascinated with predictions. I am fascinated with predictions that occur every day. How often is the weather predicted? How often is it accurate? How often do we change our plans based on some guy or gal pointing at a weather map? Nuff said on that.

     Most predictions of the future are based on events of the past. Those events usually contain facts that help us try to look ahead. However, that depends on our translation of history. As we disect hieroglyphic signs painted or carved into the walls of some ancient Mayan temple, we use our educated interpretation of the meaning of this language. We believe we know what they were trying to say and our "experts" enter this information into our history books as being facts.  As the teaching is passed on these beliefs become "carved in stone" (pun intended).

     So here we are today with the belief by some that our world is fast approaching its end. However, I invite you to explore a solution I have considered.

     How many of us today are happy with the world we live in? How many of us think there is fairness within our governments? How many are happy with the life they are living be it simple or complicated? How many are truly happy with the religion or faith they have chosen to follow? (Note: I bring up religion with reserved comment on a subject where there are more varieties than there are snowflakes outside of my Vermont home on this December 30th morning).

     I think the answers to these questions might very well contain the need for a change. Therefore, the solution is within our reach. We are the occupants of this planet we call home. We are the intelligence which can make the necessary changes so we might someday profess that we experienced the end of a world we didn't like. We can educate the future based on the mistakes made by our ancestors. We can achieve a peace throughout the lands. We can be a friend to everyone and never judge a single soul. We can bury our feelings of prejudice. The poor can be fed and educated. The rich can be humbled to help those in need. Wars can cease to exist and jealousy and envy can be destroyed. We can love our neighbors as we wish to be loved and we can be happy with the new world we are going to create.

    As I typed those words I got the feeling people reading them were shaking their heads in doubt. I got the feeling that society has no intention of changing the way they live and the things they currently believe in. I feel that we still want battles and as sick as it is, our society looks forward to war. And with this, I can assure you my friends, that as long as this is the way we feel, the Mayans are so very wrong. The world as we know it, is not going to end!