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The Winds of Time

     The old man sat rocking in his chair on the porch attached to the house of his dreams. The sun had not yet come up on this cool spring morning and the steam lifted up out of his coffee cup, as he stared out into the meadow like he did each morning.

    The chair sounded old and worn as it rocked in place and the man's mind took him back to the days before the house had become his. He remembered the struggles and the hardships, but he remembered the good times too. 89 years ago he had been brought into the world and although he got around slowly now, his mind was as sharp as ever for it was where he lived. Pondering those early years he reached for his walking stick and stood, his coffee only half gone. Walking to the end of the porch a smile formed on his face as the sunlight began to light the hill in the distance. A group of deer was making it's way out into the sun's warmth just as the ancestors of these beasts had for the past four decades.

     Time was a strange thing, and he felt the winds of time cause him to shiver with goose bumps that consumed his flesh. The chills subsided as he sipped from his cup, eyes never leaving the deer. His fascination in these animals had remain unchanged as far back as he could remember. His grin remained as he considered the venison in his freezer. "Some things never change," he thought to himself. The wagging of his collie's tail could be heard thumping on the wooden porch, replaced back in the early twenties. He knew in an instant what the sound meant and the door behind him opened.

     "Your breakfast is ready, Raymond," and then "What is it? What is it love?" The old woman looked into his eyes as she saw a tear forming in its corner.

     "Is it really the year 2052?"

     "Why Raymond, of course it is? Talk to me. What is it?"

     "It's nothing Sonya. It's...just...well..." The tear had fully formed and was now trickling down over his face where it would have fallen from his cheekbone had she not caught it. As their eyes met he said all he could think to say. "Thank you......just...thank you."