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The Formula for Survival.

     The number one rule in survival is to help yourself first. If things aren't going right for you, how can you help someone else?

     Imagine that you're in a plane crash or a boat wreck and you are the only one that knows how to survive any type of weather in any outdoor condition. Now imagine that you start seeing to other survivers and begin helping them, ignoring the oozing cuts and scarps on your own body. Blood poisoning sets in, and there's nobody there that can help you because of their current conditions. .....Yes, I know....gruesome..but it could have been prevented. Maybe you justify that by saying, "but If I hadn't helped that person, they wouldn't have made it." True enough, however now that you may not survive an infection, everyone may perish.  Had you cleaned and treated your wounds first, you could have survived until help got there. Help yourself first!

    You are a soldier, in a combat environment. All of the sudden you realize there is a chemical nerve agent in the area you just entered. Your buddies are all around and coming in fast toward your position. You look for them to warn them. You collapse and start feeling numb and shaky. You cannot stand, then you hear their voices, and they all begin gasping and struggling to get their protective masks on. Some make it. Some don't. Had you put your own protective mask on, you may have been able to warn them about what they were coming in to. Now, who's left to administer the atropine? Help yourself first!

     You're in a boat, that for some reason starts taking on water. Make sure you get your life jacket on and secure as you're telling others to do the same. Get the flare gun and air horn and attach them to your life jacket. Then try to radio for help. In this order, the rescue team will have soaking wet people to find (depending on the water temperature). In any other order, you may have gotten to the radio , but by the time the rescue team gets there, there will only be bodies, because when it was too late, the panic set in, the life jackets were gone, and the boat sank.

     You've been laid off from your job. Months pass by. The bills have mounted, you're on the verge of homelessness. Before you think of doing anything else, make sure you eat right, you get plenty of rest, you properly hydrate yourself, because when the opportunity comes along, you need to be able to work.

     Forget about what you don't have. Take stock of what you do have. Take care of yourself, and then do what you can to help others around you.

     Incidentally, I started work yesterday for the first time in ten months. It went very well, they like my work, and it looks like I'll be there for a while. Although a bit sore from the very laborous work, I patted myself on the back for following my own formula for survival. I've been taking care of myself, and now that I can work and be efficient at it, I can help my family achieve the goals we long for.

 My best to everyone!

Be safe, stay healthy, and keep driving forward!





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Hey, Raymond. A new job in this economic climate is a huge deal. Congratulations are definitely in order. You're a man with a mission. I have no doubt you’ll do well.
I’ll be posting an excerpt from my novel that deals with survival. It’s outdoorsy. Love to know what you think.
Best, Mara

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I'll be watching for it.

My survival skills go back to childhood. My father was very much a mountain-ish, kind of person and taught my more about how to survive with virtually nothing on my person, than I learned in 8 years of Army Intelligence. I even remember in jungle school being given a non-functional compass as a test of my ability to "adapt and overcome." The destination was 2 miles through unfamiliar woods and terrain in the dark, and when I showed up at the trainer's camp fire and asked what was cooking, you could have bought them for a dime.:) So YES, I will definitely read it and give you some feedback.

Also, thanks on the congrats. Yes, you might say I'm on a mission alright. Sky's the limit....actually..now that man's in space....maybe the limit is higher :)

Be well Mara and thanks!


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I,too learned survival skills as a child,but of a different sort.I learned when to hide form violent people,and learned how to take care of me.
You are rightJesus even says"love your neighbor AS YOURSELF" most people miss this.Ttake care of yourself because nobdoy else will.Then you can take care of those around you,within your own limits,of course.
Good stuff youo wrote!

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Good advice.

So happy for you that you achieved a new job in this difficult time--and that you were in good shape to take it. Odd, I gave a daughter your advice this morning. She has to make so many sacrifices to help a special needs child and has neglected herself. Now she has a health problem and she must reevaluate everything she does so she can be certain to stay around for him and others in the future.

Heather's early learning to take care of herself is very touching. But now she is strong.

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Hi Raymond

This is incredibly welcome and fantastic news. Excellent! Well done, well done indeed.

Keep focused, Raymond.

Be safe, stay healthy, and keep driving forward. :)