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The Art of Fitness: The Mind Approach.

     How many different nutritionalists have written books and instructions and formulas, and...and...and...? Whew...enough already. There is a secret to fitness, but that secret is not in "dieting" or "15 minutes of exercise three times per week" or any of the other tid-bits posted on social sites, news pages, etc. The secret is within your own mind. Sometimes however, it is difficult to get that thought-process acttivated. I hope what I have to tell you helps you achieve your goal.

    First of all, stop worrying so much about calories and reading the labels on everything you eat. Unless you are a chemist, chances are you don't know what 75% of it is anyway. Focus on eating good food, at the right times of the day. What do I mean by that? You like sweets? Fine because your body probably does too. Eat them in the morning. I suggest a breakfast high in protein, a lunch with some proteins and carbs, and then a supper not unlike breakfast. In the afternoon have an apple, after six pm nothing but fruits such as grapes, blueberries, apples, peaches, bananas, etc. (Yes I know about all the dietitians that say avoid bananas if you are dieting but um....helloooooo....this is not a "diet"....this is a lifestyle change....and bananas are loaded with the potassium your body will love you for). Make sure at lunch time....you gulp down a glass of milk or whatever with your favorite flavor of protein powder. Between breakfast and lunch, treat yourself to a few oreos or chocolate chip cookies or something (Got your attention now don't I?) Back to the supper...salads....veggies...meats....fish...poultry...


     Okay, enough on the eating part of the deal. Now....here's the fun part! Here is what goes on in my mind throughout the day when the thought of a snack enters my mind. You have to switch on the body's need for food. I didn't say "want." I said "need!"

    "Ahhh...finally..I'm up and it's time for breakfast. I let my mind focus on what I think the three eggs will taste like with the wheat toast. That taste fills my thoughts...I can actually physically feel my saliva increasing. My stomach feels the craving need for that taste. Okay, now I shut it off, with a few gulps of dark coffee flavored with honey. I go about other things for a little while, ignoring breakfast. That craving stopped. The glands in my mouth have calmed down and my stomach was momentarily satisfied with the coffee, tea, juice, water or whatever. What just happened? You told your body to begin digesting food. There wasn't anything to be digested. What happens to an animal when they can't get food? Their body absorbs what mother nature gave it to keep going. The fat deposits are stored for a reason. Your body needed food, but your mind substituted it with the very fat deposits in your body. You just experienced a form of meditation that will help you tremendously in everything you do.

    Okay, now cook your breakfast. The smells do it again. Your body begins the digestive process and begins burning fat even before the food enters your mouth. Prior to each meal....repeat this. Okay..next form of meditation coming up!

     At what speed do you move? Moderate? Slow? If you move "fast"....you are probably not reading this blog unless it is primarily out of interest. And, if that's the case, you are smiling because you already know all this. You live it.

     When you reach for the door knob, refridge handle, cabinet, or whatever, mentally record your speed. Okay, the next time you reach for something, double or triple the speed like a camera in fast motion. Getting mail out of the mail box? How fast do you walk to get there? Go faster, reach for the mailbox quickly, open, retrieve mail, close, turn and walk...fast....be in a hurry, but be in a hurry in a relaxed way. Don't tense. Only go fast with the movement itself. How fast do you take the groceries out of your cart at the store to put them on the conveyor? How much faster can you do it? Do it that  fast. Be quick, be sharp, but be relaxed.

    Why? What does this do? It increases your mind's reflexive movements along with coordination, but on top of that, it speeds your metabolism, demanding more energy. Here's the best part. It's progressive when you put it all together. It impacts everything. Faster movements means things get done more quickly and this allows you to get more into your day. Play with it. It's yours. The above suggestions are what work for me. In three months, this has caused 20 lbs to vanish and I haven't done any special exercising, although that's coming. As you feel your life's pace begin to quicken, enjoy the YOU that you have created. Smile, be quick, and be positive.

    Feel free to ask questions. Feel free to offer opinions. If your preference is to spend money on a "diet" go for it. But, it will only be temporary. Diets do nothing more than tell your body that it is going to be starved, so food needs to be stored. When you don't change your lifestyle and your way of thinking, and you let it go later on after you have proven me "wrong" because you lost so much weight, I am betting you will gain it back twice as fast as you did the last time you "dieted."  After that happens, humor me....try using your mind!