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Teachers: The Roots to Our Success!

     Although I feel that a police officer has, perhaps, the most thankless job on the planet, I must say that teachers too seem to be taken very much for granted. The potential "strike" in our area recently had me thinking about this. We constantly hear about "cutbacks" in spending. Well, I guess when we decide to cut back on education that says a lot for some of the idiots running our country. I hate to be so blunt, and I am not one to call others' names, but if the tag fits...by all means, use it.

     I was once asked, "who was your favorite teacher?" In answering, I found myself hesitating as I named this person. For the sake of this blog, his name is unimportant. But, the point is, there were very few teachers I didn't like. Male teachers, female teachers, young teachers, older teachers, civilian teachers, military teachers, martial arts teachers, and now, as I continue on into my adult education, very near the completion of my Master's degree and looking on toward the final 3 year program that will begin this fall, provided I get accepted, I have to very much appreciate all of my online teachers. They have jobs just like you and I do and many of them are police, doctors, lawyers, etc. Yes they are being paid for what they do, but within their teaching is a passion to help others learn. Most teachers I know have the very passion I speak of. That passion is seeing the success of the children, or adults as they move further and deeper into their learning programs. We should not take them for granted.

     So many times I have been thanked for my service to the country because if my 8 years of military service. Do me a huge favor. The next time you are talking to someone and you find out their profession is teaching, thank them for educating our society to become our future. In the lands abroad where education is lacking and the richest people dominate by "cutting back", think about what's happening to those areas. Google the Congo sometime. Think it can't happen here? Guess again! Greed is not welcome. Knowledge is! Teachers help build the foundation to our society. You want to build a house without a foundation? Go ahead...and let me know how you make out with that in a few years when the house crumbles. Cut back on education and see what happens when society crumbles and smarter countries end up taking advantage. Don't be "penny-wise" and "dollar foolish". Let's really think about what we are doing. If you think we need to cut back on education, then.... quite frankly....I think you need to be educated!

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Thank you! I teach English as

Thank you!

I teach English as a Foreign Language and, sadly, it's a profession that is becoming more and more about pleasing than actual teaching.  We are increasingly referred to as "facilitators" and other such non-committal titles , as though "teacher" was somehow politically incorrect.  Consequently, the students are becoming "clients".  As a teacher – and sometime student – I entirely appreciate the importance of fun in the learning process.  However, I think – especially when instructing adults – we are now putting too much emphasis on games, gadgets and IT devices.  Let's get some proper teaching done.

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Raymond, Thank you for


Thank you for recognizing all that teachers do to shape our society and keep our world turning. 

Teacher has become a distasteful word in so many places. Our country talks a lot about education but little about how teachers continue to work so hard to educate our population.

I have been a teacher on and off for my whole adult life. It is what comes naturally to me, and I love to see a child, teen or adult's eyes light up when their world is opened up through education. This is especially true with the special needs students I currently serve.