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Photographer, Artist & Best friend: Dedicated to my best friend.

     Clicking away. The camera never stops. It captures that which others take for granted. That sunset that others block with sunglasses, the photographer captures within a moment of time. A moment, that, if not appreciated would be lost forever. The child eating an ice-cream cone. Others walk by as if it is just something a child is doing. The photographer sees the beauty of the child enjoying something as stimulating as the taste of the chocolate or vanilla icecream that soothes his or her throat and may even be the reward for a task completed or a difficult moment in the child's day. The photographer takes nothing for granted and her heart is warmed in the appreciation of the moment.

    The artist stares momentarily at the blank piece of paper or canvas. She may be sad, depressed, happy, or in the state of mind where neither is felt. The pencil moves. The paint brush flows. The feelings from within are transformed in minutes into a story of her feelings and her need to express. She wants only to let this out, flowing through her mind, her heart, and fingers to the object that transposes her soul into a picture for others to see. In minutes the artist has enhanced that which the photographer only wishes she could see.

     Her mind is open to the feelings of her friend. Her mind sends the signals to her heart and her heart returns the message through the expression on her face. She is concerned for her best friend's well being. She understands his wants, his needs and supports his dreams. She is there for him no matter the time. She teaches him and learns from him and finds gratification in both. She is a friend with no conditions and no demands, promises, or requests.

     A photographer stops time and grasps the moment. An artist creates from imagination and desire. A best friend listens, accepts, suggests, and loves. A best friend feels your hurt and your happiness with you and never judges you for the mistakes you make...... and I thank God for her every day.