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Past, Present, and Future: What Happened, is Happening, and Will Happen

     A catchy title perhaps, but one I wish more people would give concern to. Let's look at the big picture:

     What is one of the first things we think about when we think of history? "Wars" usually pops right out there doesn't it? Okay, how about today? What do we say to someone from outside of our world that stops and asks, "How's it going?" We answer, "Well, our world is at war and the leaders of our nations are constantly discussing peace, yet war seems to be big business and we seem to always have a conflict going on somewhere." Our alien visitor nods his head and politely excuses himself as he attains warp ten leaving our atmosphere. I doubt he'll be back any time soon.

     Oh yes, and that next question. What about tomorrow? Will we as mankind improve? Well, let me see... hmmmm.. Potential conflicts in Iran, Korea, South America; still problems in other areas of the Middle East, China, Africa, and so on. And what of tomorrow's leadership? Do we see any improvements on the way? I give you today's youth. I say youth but am really looking at the age group starting at 16 and up through 26. Potentially these video game addicts, who have no idea what a calloused hand feels like, or why a wash cloth might be carried in their pocket to wipe sweat from their foreheads, and constantly look for the "easy way out" are going to be sitting at the controls of their own tomorrows. I think back to the alien visitor and wish I would have hitched a ride.

     Who gets blamed for the past, the present and our likely future? Who do we hold accountable? The answer is so simple that I'm sure before many of my readers even finished the question the answer was on the tip of their tongue. OURSELVES!

     Many of us are content to "leave well enough alone," or have that feeling "if it aint broke don't fix it." Well, my friends, I'm here to tell you, it's broke.... so we better get to work. It starts within each of us. Become a better person, no matter how "good" you think you are. Set an example. Focus on the "right" and forget about the "wrong". Reward the positives, and forget the negatives.

    Of course, these are just words, written by a guy, who is sitting at a table, having his coffee. They come not from a world leader, or some powerful billionaire. These words only come from someone who hopes some potential leader of men and women will be influenced to make changes where they need to be made, because, if we don't make things better than they are, then the past......will become the present.......and the present.......will be what we see tomorrow.