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One Bad Apple

     On the "One-Bad-Apple" thing.... Seems to be true doesn't it?

>In each crowd there's always that one voice of opposition.

>In a group of children there always seems to be a bully

>In a family there's usually a rebel

>In a Church there always seems to be a "Gossip" (or 2 or 8 or 10).

>In a production environment, always someone who is late or calling in sick.

>In a grocery store, always a mother screaming at her child (usually over something stupid).

>In a pack of life-savers, there's always one that's broken

>In a line of traffic, there's always a driver that thinks he/she is invincible 

>In a bushel of apples.......yep.......there's a bad one.

>Finally, in a group of writers, there's always one that has to bring up "the bad apple thing."


Everyone have a good day! :)

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I'm the family rebel Raymond

I'm the family rebel Raymond and as for the apples, I always try to salvage a bit before the rot sets in and takes over. m

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By Golly..

By golly Mary...I do detect a message there. :)

Thanks for responding.

Be well always!


ps. Yes, I agree. Even in those of us that are bad apples, there can be found, a little good! ;)

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Crunch, indeed! LOL!

Crunch, indeed! LOL!