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Okay, on that "November Thing."

     Finally after being unemployed for nearly a year, I have work. To go from the sedentary sitting behind the computer lifestyle, back into woodworking production has proven to be a bit painful. I'm sure the sorenesses will dissipate over time. The first job we are working on is furniture for every room in the Hilton Hotel in Washington D.C. Not too shabby a job. Five hundred vanities have 2,000 legs, each leg is constructed of two pieces of African Mahogany. 4000 pieces, just for the legs, not to mention the rest of the units, and only 6 guys doing it. Is this Insanity?

     The criminal Justice Course I'm taking has been a bit of a challenge in some areas. During this five and a half week session we are covering criminology and the department of corrections. Between the two classes I've received 9 grades so far. Nothing less than an "A" so far. That's the reward for putting hours into your research and bringing the information together in a way where facts back up your opinions. So, after an hour to work, 8 and a half hours at the shop, then an hour back, I find myself sitting at the computer researching, typing, and by 10:00 at night, Colorado time, I am ready to feel the soft matress under by weary back. And to top all of this off, I sit here blogging now at 5:30 AM. I leave in 15 minutes, and I'm using that time to put words to print. Is this insanity?

     In November awaits the NaNoWriMo thing. Never heard of it before I joined the Red Room. Never had the magnetism of such a challenge pulling at me. Well, okay that's not true. I've competed in 26 mile Marathons, (to the marathoners out there, yes I know they are 26 miles 385 yards and that the last .2 miles can feel worse than the first 26, but just wanted to round it off...relax). I've ridden in 100 mile bike rides and races. But this November thing....is a little different. There's no time left in my day, so why is it pulling at me? It's pulling at me because now I know it's there, and I have to do it. I have to toe the starting line, and cross the finish line. I am my own worst enemy in the competitive world. It has nothing to do with competing with anyone else. It's all about the watch and the calendar. It's all about the emotion along the way. A romantic? Yes. Always have been, no sense in changing now. So, I'll be there. What will I write? Not sure yet. The fingers haven't started. When they do, they'll know what they are doing. As always, no notes or outline, just shoot from the hip and see what transpires. The work, the studying, the blogging, "the bird nest," and I'm taking on this 50,000 word challenge. This, my red room friends.....This, is insanity!

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I agree on the insanity thing...

I certainly can relate to having a full plate and taking on more. I only just heard of NaNoWriMo too from a friend and that's how I found Red Room. I decided not to do it this year because I'm trying to finish my novel and don't want to spend time working on a new idea when I should be finishing this one. Best of luck. Carry a journal with you in case you get an idea while you're at work!

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Keep up the good work,

Keep up the good work, Raymond. Take time to look after yourself though. If you do go after NaNoWriMo, good luck and have fun. :)