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Nearing the 50,000 word mark.

     In my Nano Wrimo, "Paradox of Justice" Novel, I am finding myself elated that the end of the story is near. Not so much that the story is over, but because Josephine, who was framed for the murder of her husband, will have brought those responsible to justice. Portions of the story were dramatic, others were full of action. Soldiers and police were brought in as well as some martial arts, sex, and many other things that appeal to a wide variety of audiences. I will spend time in the upcoming months polishing this story and then work on submitting it for publication. I find myself very happy that in this month of the Nano Wrimo, I have accomplished writing this novel which is only 4000 words from the finish line, (although it may end up a bit longer......a lot longer after editing) I have gone from working at a cabinet shop 48 miles away, to finding a higher paying job only half that distance from home, I had finished a session in my criminal jusice course with an A in both classes and was gratified to have my GPA jump from a 3.67 to a 3.8. To accomplish all of this in less than a month has had me staring in the mirror and wondering what happened? I see no S on my chest, yet this has been a super month.

  I hope other Nano writers have had a good time this month as well. Be well my friends! I'll be back to regular posting in a few days.


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Brilliant news

Brilliant news Super Ray! Hehehe. Well done, a truly fabulous achievement considering everything else you have had to keep on top of this month. Well done.

I hope all is well with your family and job.

All the best.

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Wonderful that you have set

Wonderful that you have set your mind to writing this story. It must have been a story that was waiting to be born into this world. Congratulations!

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Into It

Ray, I've read the no one is more into a story than its author. I think it's a great sign that you're motivated to finish because you yourself want to see your hero succeed, and see exactly how she does it. I think being the most avid reader of the story of which we're also the author is the best motivator of all. Congratulations!

Huntington Sharp, Red Room