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NaNo Wrimo --the ending of chapter 14!

Josephine has escaped and is on the run with her cell mate. They split up. The corrupt detective is going crazy as they continue to elude him. Here is the end of Chapter 14 of the NaNo WriMo I wasn't even going to participate in. As of this morning I am at 20,362 words. A few days ahead!:) Enjoy this small portion......

One day later

Chicago, Illinois

             “What do you mean she’s not on the bus?” Richard was glaring at the driver.

            “Sir, she got on. She had to have gotten on. I have her ticket right here. And I swear to the good lord above, I never saw her leave.” 

           “You’re a fairly incompetent driver mister. How many stops did you make?” 

           “I believe I stopped five times.” 

         “I need the locations of all those stops. Why in God’s name you had to stop so many times is beyond me.” Richard was pissed, but even more so after the driver’s next reply.

            “Normally I’d let something like this go sir, but keep any future questions to your damn self. It’s over eleven hundred miles from Denver to Chicago. People do have a right to get out and stretch periodically. I won’t be harassed by some would-be-super-cop that can’t keep track of the people he arrests. I say good for her is she did elude you. You’re pretty much a jerk!” The driver handed him a list of the stops he made and shut the bus door to finish his dinner while awaiting his new passengers to arrive.

            Richard got back to his car and Veronica was waiting for him.

            “Where is she?” His wife inquired. 

           “Good freaking question!” He was beet red. “I’m going to hang that bitch by her hair and beat her like a punching bag. And where in the Hell is Josephine? Damn those two!”

            “Richard, you’re letting them get to you. We’ll find them, baby.”

             “Veronica, do me a favor. Shut up!”

            She turned and looked out the passenger side window as Richard headed to the nearest hotel to find a room for the night. He had to figure this out. Maybe Veronica was right. Maybe he’d just get a few drinks and calm his nerves a bit. The last think he needed was to be fighting with his wife too. Josephine Morgan and Samantha Hill were going to be the death of him yet.


             If he only knew how possible that very fact was, maybe he’d have just let it go.

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Amazing NaNo

I can't imagine writing a whole novel in one month. It takes me years.... And then there is the editing, revisions, and rewriting.

Not only you've been up to the challenge, but your writing is so polished that you can even post it!

Cheering you from the sidelines.

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Thanks much


Comments like yours are what keep me motivated. Thank you so much.

Raymond :)