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My Little Boy is my Motivation.

     My blogs have a habit of being so long. I will try to express what I want to write about here in fewer words.

     Nicholas Jeffrey Mallette was born on July 17th 2005 with Trisomy 21. That's a fancy medical term for Down Syndrome.

     Immediately we were showered with the, "Oh I'm so sorry for you," or "Oh my goodness, that's too bad," statements. I must take a few minutes to say, that I am in no way sorry. I feel bad that he tries so hard to communicate to us and can't always make his point. I feel bad that his life expectancy is much less than others. I feel bad that people stare at him and wonder why he does the things he does. But of my little boy I can say only this. I am more proud of him, than of anything else in my life that I have ever accomplished. He is the brightness in my life, and it is he that motivates me to drive on. 

     Nicholas loves lights. He loves to stare at them in awe of their brightness. He will sometimes stare out the window and shake his head back and forth in a rythm that tells me he is making the lights move or twinkle to enhance their brightness.

     Nicholas loves to clap his hands when he knows he has figured something out on his own. We recently bought him a little car race track, and each time he put the little car in the starting chute, he made sure to put it in with the front of the car facing in the right direction. At age four, some may not see this as a huge accomplishment, but I see a little boy who is learning to reason, and he is a perfectionist. That car has to be right, or he won't try to launch it. (I wonder where he gets that from).

     He loves to throw the ball. He loves books. I could sit and read to him for hours and he would still get upset when we stop. He loves it when i take his fingers and trace the numbers 1-2-3 and so on as I sound out what the number is. When I say, "want to read a book?" he grabs things and pulls himself to where he knows they are kept. He's almost walking but still hangs on to things as he goes. I love to watch his drive and how hard he tries. He falls ten times a day and every time he falls he gets frustrated. But he never quits. He just keeps on trying.

    My favorite time of the day is when I walk in the door at night. Nicholas is involved in some task he thinks needs to be completed, like thowing empty water bottles across the room, or pulling the sheets off the bed, just because he can. But whatever he is involved in stops. He sees dad and his face lights up like the sun times ten. My heart races with pride and I pick him up and say, "how's my little man?" He loves to hug me tightly and his expressions are worth a million dollars.

    Nicholas is my greatest inspiration. Between his smiles and the love I share with his mother, I am proud to say that I am the happiest I have ever been.


     Be well all!

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what a wonderful story!

Your story of your special needs little boy really touched me!
I work with kids with special needs using music. I agree that they are gifts from God and that we all can learn from them.This little boy is very lucky to have you for a dad,andhe will grow into a wonderful adult because of your love for him.
Downs kids are one of the sweetest group I have worked with.They are usually so loving and kind. I also have worked with autistic,blind,brain injured,and have learned many great lessons about life from them all.
Keep on with your great attitude and love for this special little boy!

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Thanks for sharing another wonderful love story...

I keep reading love stories on RR, and they inspire and uplift me. My daughter-in-law's aunt has Down's Syndrome, and she was always so sweet at family birthday parties before my son's family moved away. She is 49, but is very ill now. These children have such a good and deserved reputation for their sweetness. They are also living longer than ever; and a few years back, I read that some are going to college. (I don't know if this is community colleges or what they are majoring in. I have been curious. Maybe Heather knows more about this.)

We have an extremely gifted but challenged child in our family because of birth neurological problems and other social issues. Not only is he challenged, but all of us are challenged in dealing with him. We are praying he can compensate and overcome the enormous problems and accomplish great things to help the world. I love him dearly.

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Your Little Man

You captured my little nephew's personality and your love for him beautifully in this post. He is an amazing little boy. One of my most treasured possessions is the picture I have of Allen holding him and me kneeling in front and the laughter on Nicholas' face. He is so precious and truly a gift to you and Brenda.