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Losing Focus: The Self-destruction of a "brilliant" society.

     Browsing through the video-games behind the secured glass doors of my local Walmart I thought to myself "would it not be better to have educational videos as opposed to videos that create a fascination in killing?"

     As one thought leads to another in the mind of a writer, I found this happening again as I walked away from that aisle in the store and saw the flash cards in an extremely small shelf area, appearing to be getting no attention whatsoever. Still further on I saw the electronics filling the hands of our techno-world where thought is no longer necessary, and memorization is a choice rather than a need. Remember when we had to memorize our multiplication tables? Today, it's not necessary. Remember when we let ourselves memorize lines in a song? Not necessary anymore, now that we have Kareoke.

     In our school systems we are far more focused on what our children can learn on a computer than we are about their own self-discipline. There is a snow-ball effect taking place and it is getting worse and will continue to worsen over time if we as a people and a culture don't find a way to make changes.

    Take a kid who is fascinated with "World of Warcraft." Add to that computer classes in school that teach the child to find out information about anything he or she wants at an extremely accelerated rate. Throw in a bit of bullying from the local tough-kids and you have created a monster growing into young adulthood with a thirst to kill and the know-how to obtain the means to do it.

    Okay..rewind.... take that same kid... subtract "World of Warcraft." Throw in a little time fishing with dad or uncles or friends. Enhance that with classes in ecology and an interest in nature. Top that off with an hour long session of martial arts on a daily basis, where he develops self-discipline, self-confidence, and focus. Okay...fast-forward... to ..let's say..20 years old. Is his thirst now to kill? Or is he more focused on friends, family, relationships, the outdoors, etc?

    Since our recent tragedies in this country it seems the main focus his been pointed at guns. A gun is a tool. It is used to kill. But so are knives, bows and arrows, cars, trucks, poisons, home-made explosives, and much much more. Within the confine of most homes there are a thousand weapons, from the knives in your kitchen drawer to the binding of your family bible. If a person wants to kill, they will use whatever means necessary. With a combination of Home Depot, and your local drug store, maybe a sporting goods store and a farm supply store, a person with a year of chemistry, a creative mind, and a thirst to kill, could create a bomb to level a city block. Does this mean we need to shut down these stores? NO! We need to stop creating a thirst to kill in the minds of today's chidren that will soon become 20 year old Psychotics.

     Self-defense is not your latest TV program that shows kids becoming the next Bruce Lee with a passion for revenge. Self-defense is a way of life that teaches a person to smile at danger. It teaches them to focus on a happy life. The physical acts within a person raised in a society where he or she has control of both mind and body only makes up about 1% of their way of life.

     Want to make a change in the future of our children and theirs? Pull away from the video world of Virtual Reality that teaches a fascination of death. Instead, create a truly physical interest in one's self, nature, and life!