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Expanding the Killing of Wolves? Has society become brain-dead?

     Having read the news in Yahoo this morning that the hunting of wolves, even though endangered, is likely to expand is VERY disturbing. I have to wonder who is in charge of the brain that made that decision.

      I have been a hunter and outdoorsman literally all of my life. But, as I have stated in articles written before this one, I have respect for nature as well. I hunt only what I eat, and I eat it because it's healthier than that which I can buy in the store. I don't need to hunt for meat, but I choose to because I have yet to become a vegetarian, and with cholesterol being the problem it is with other meats, I'll continue to do so. However, I don't know many people who eat wolves.

     We have questioned the staggering increase in the coyote population. We have been amazed at the number of rabies cases throughout the country. There was once a natural order but then man pushed back the mountain lions, and killed off so many wolves that the lower animals in the chain no longer had natural predators. Then we stopped wearing fur coats, and rabies has had a very damaging affect on things like raccoons, mink, foxes, etc. When we took wolves out of the equation before, man pretty much kept things in balance by hunting the animals that the wolves used to hunt. Then....that stopped. Soon after that, overpopulation and the drastic spread of diseases did a number on rabbits, foxes, raccoons, etc.

    We started to let the wolf population recover and now we're going to go after them again. I guess I have a little problem with that. And our ancestors had the nerve to refer to the Native Americans as "Savages". The hypocracy of man will never cease to amaze me.

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I couldn't agree with you more. Nature abhors a vacuum, so when you eliminate one predator, another takes its place - or two or three. Coyotes, very adaptable genetically, have always increased their territories and population size as they adapt to new spaces left vacant by eradicated wolves, grizzlies and other large predators. Modern humans are ridiculous about predators and the space we feel we must claim as our own. Read: The entire universe.

I hope you represent the more common voice of reason among outdoorsmen and not the rare one among yahoos determined to exterminate and destroy far beyond reason.

Thanks for posting on this subject, one that is very sad and seems to never end.