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A New Twist.

     I've never tried it before, but the idea of tackling a story in the world of science fiction is now becoming more than an idea. I found a place yesterday that is looking for short stories and if they accept the one I'm writing, will sell it as an ebook on Amazon. So I began writing a story that is so much different in reference to my normal action adventure world, but I think it's going to be fun.

     The new twist for me is the research involved. I'm learning so much. In my other work, the characters are all comfortably imagined and locked into a vault that occupies my inner mind. All I usually have to do, is open the vault, and let things flow onto paper. Not so with this next story. For instance, knowing that the atmosphere on Mars is 95% Carbon dioxide and that the planet is only 53% the size of earth was news to me. I had no idea that earth's atmosphere was 100 times more dense than that of Mars. Gee whiz....if we could breathe carbon dioxide, we would literally have "Super Powers" on our little red neighbor. (Does that mean that if we later saw a rock from earth, we'd lose our strength?....I doubt it, lol)

     The shuttle only seats ten people? Hmmm....good to know. I don't plan on taking a ride any time soon, but if my imagined crew in the year 2040, were to be lifting off from a lunar base on one of the "old shuttles" a reader may laugh when I said a crew of twelve was heading to Mars. (I guess I could attach a side car :)

     So why leave my other writing to write this? Im not. That may have something to do with the bloodshot eyes and extra need for coffee. When the mind's wheels begin spinning at Mach 5, I have to keep the fingers moving.  I know this much. I'm having a ball with it right now.

     So if days go by and you haven't seen me, I'm still here. I may be editing "Troubled Memories" or adding content to "The Bird Nest" or "Rediscovering the Fourth Planet." It's possible that I'm helping Donna and Michelle handle the "Untamed Extremes" of the Northwest Territories of Northern Canada or even writing another report in my Criminal Justice class. (Oh yes, not to brag, but.....ok to brag.....In this 5 week session on Criminology, and Corrections, I've received three grades in each class, all being A's.......reaches around and pats self on back).

    Okay....needed to get all that out. Had to at least stop by for a quick warm-up so the fingers are ready for action. Hope everyone is doing well. As I always say and I always will, be well, be safe, and keep driving forward.