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There is no chance this is addicting, is there? I guess I shouldn't fear, after far too many years of TV, I managed to clean myself of that habit, although from time to time I do watch free library movies on the set. Now, I am finding actual content, like Belle Yang's whimsical art and Steve Hauk's memoir-istic passages back in time.

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Alabama Prisons

Ray, I look forward to reading ``Alabama Bound: 45 Years Inside a Prison System.'' Remembering your work as a reporter and editor, I know it must be very good _ and thorough!

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Oreana Books

So glad to see your face, Ray.

Thanks, Thomas and Jennifer at redroom.com, for your help in overcoming the technical threshold.  It took a bit of tugging to get my friend through the door.  Only his head was visible and with a yank today, he's all in.

Ray, I look forward to your book about the beloved Carmel River where I used to catch crawdads with my bare hands.  I imagine the book will contain references to Doc Rickett's "boys" and their hunt for lab frogs.

Another redroom.com author, Beth Kephart has written a book, titled "Flow: The Life and Times of Philadelphia's Schuylkill River." Please check out her blog.  You two would should wonderful conversations.

Ray represents writers from the "New Bohemia"--Modoc County and bordering Nevada.  He and his wife, Barbara, are the publishers of the highly literary and environmentally-minded Oreana Books and owners of Carmel Publishing Company www.carmelpublishingco.com with such books as "Wolf Tracks on the Welcome Mat":


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Thank You

I have to warn you Mr. March…blogging may be addictive. However, after reading your biography I hope you do become addicted! It sounds like you’ve had so many remarkable experiences. I look forward to hearing those stories and reading your blog, written through the eyes of someone who has seen the world and come back to California—and I will definitely be reading Alabama Bound: Forty-Five Years Inside a Prison System, it sounds fascinating and right up my alley! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts!

Lauren Sapala, redroom.com