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Whatever was at Atoma's burial...!

There was a man in my village who had just lost his dear father.Odo felt that he could not handle his father Atoma's death...it was too much for him.He wailed,threw himself in mud,rolled and tossed over several times,all to show how he was greatly ailing of his father's death.Perhaps every one understood his pain...I for one didnot think he had to go through all this.

His histerics continued on and on but the icing came at the time of burial. At African burials,people see through the whole activity up until the last spade of earth isput over the deceased's grave.Odo, as he wailed endlessly like he was the only one to ever lose a loved one,demanded that he be buried with his father.

''Oh,oh....I can't take this any longer!who will provide for me like my fater has been doing? Life is so unfair..I want to die myself...Bury me along with my Father,there is nothing left for me on this unfair earth..!''He went on and on as he tried to throw himself into the father's grave amidst preventionand pleas from sympathisers telling him not to.

On my end,I was wondering why these people did not let this 30+old man do as he wished.If he surely felt that he had nothing constructive to do with his life without his father,then the earth had nothing to offer him either and It would not feel his loss!He even became more histerical and everyone else was getting fed up of this man's antics.Much to my amusement,they decided to grant him his wish after feeling they could stand him no more.

"Get into the grave,hurry up and do not waste our time for it will soon be dark!'',said some of the people who were doing the burrying.At first Odo had gone on to wail as more and more people told him to get into the grave and some other Youth even decided to simply plunge him into the father's grave.When he realised that now the tables had turned over him,he became uneasy in the going.He all over a sudden realised that he actually never wanted to die.What all along had been pleas to let him be buried alive, in a twist,had now turned to,''please spare my life!...'' The People tried to show him that his earlier wish had been granted and there was no turning back.

It was a very interesting scene seeing him on his knees asking for 'forgiveness' and not to be buried.A good lesson well learnt for him and he shot away like he was running  for  dear life and never even saw through his father's burial.Every one around could not help but burst into rib cracking laughter;to a passer by, this seemed either like a good ridance for the deceased or,every one had run mad,I mean,a burial ceremony is supposed to be really grim.Not what was at Atoma's burial.