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Thats Lotsa Starchy Balls
I've been staying at my mom's house during the holidays.  I got to her place on Sunday, December 21st, right before lunch.  As I unloaded my things into my old room, my brother informed me that we need to bow to a bunch of food.  That was our way of saying that it was once again time to observe one...
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On September 26, 2008, I was officially laid off from my job.  My ex-company decided to outsource the on-site computer support teams in North America.  That means about two dozen hard working men and women were told their services were no longer needed.  We were given a three month notice.  On the...
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Is THIS enough for everyone??
One of the things that confused me when I was in school was the lesson of sharing.  Now, I am all for two or more people sharing resources.  Sometimes it is splitting a sandwich with a buddy, or lending my baseball glove to a guy on the other team.  I believe that the action of sharing resources is...
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Self Portrait
Walking the streets of San Francisco has become my favorite weekend activity.  There is something about the sounds and sights of a busy city that serves as a welcome contrast to the normally quiet atmosphere that makes up my workday.  I especially like the afternoons, where there is an interesting...
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Hot Pebbles Flintstone and Her Bone Scrunchie
I will be totally honest here.  I am five foot seven (seven and half with my walking shoes), and I weigh more than 250 pounds.  And, before you ask, no, it is NOT all muscle.  I am sure there is lean muscle underneath there somewhere.  I am moving my limbs and able to move from point A to point B...
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Sinatra belts out a tune
Big:  "I can tell you one thing - I sure did miss you. Officially."Carrie:  "Did you cry?"Big:  "No. But I did listen to a hell of a lot of Sinatra." - Sex and The City, Season 2, Episode 6, "The Cheating Curve" Let's get this out of the way - I loved SATC. ...
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Just wanted to add my quick 2 cents about the Dark Knight movie.  Batman movies are something special to me because I am a very big Batman fan.  Love everything from the Kane/Finger beginnings to the Neal Adams/Denny O'Neil revolution thru Frank Miller, etc.  This movie is all about Heath Ledger's...
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I am sure all of you have heard of the Red Room Writers Workshops. You probably ran into it while looking for or at this site, or maybe you found it by Googling Ivory Madison. (Admit it. You've Googled her. More than once. I know I have. :-) I discovered the RRWS while reading the San...
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