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Xmas With My Niece
my niece

A quickie - just uploaded my first video.  It was taken this past Christmas at my cousin's house.  My four year old niece, Tegan, just received a gift from my mom, and it is a video of her doing her happy dance.  I only see her twice a year, and she is starting to get used to me, which is pretty cool.  I am actually having entire conversations with her.  Well, as complete of a conversation that you can have with a four year old!

Her brother, Tyler, is seen in the video playing with his gift from my mother (toy cars.)  I love to play with these kids during Xmas.  The holidays are about family.  These past couple of years have been rough on me, and playing with these two kids always makes me feel better.  They have a marvelous way of grounding you and reminding you what is really important in life.

UPDATE: sorry folks - had to take down the vid.  Ah well.