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I Love St. Martin's Press, or how the art department read my mind.
The Murderer's Daughters

Naturally, as a debut author, I had about as much say about my cover as Mrs. Claus does at Christmas, but somehow the talented art department at St. Martin’s Press, led by the wonderful Steve Snider, snuck into my brain, shook out my imagination, and colored it into something far more beautiful than I’d ever expected.

I know it’s usually beat up on publishers time—No soul! No understanding! No creativity!—but damn, I just love these folks. 

My editor, Hilary Teeman, she is hawk-eyed, kind, smart, and talented. What else does one want? Said wonderful art director mailed me Chanukah in July, sending me a magnificent print of the cover art for framing, and I hadn’t even sent chocolate or flowers yet.

Let it rain. I love this summer.

Oh, and Mom, thank you for teaching me to say thank you.