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Big Government and Entrepreneurs

Our President stated recently that if you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or one who’s accumulated wealth, no matter how big or small, you couldn’t have done it without your friendly government standing by your side, holding you up, supporting your every decision, move, plan, and policy making you successful. His remarks (see two of them below) were completely inappropriate to the business community (especially small business owners) who take great risks to build something from nothing. It was also a direct stab against the core principles which made America the wealthiest nation in the world. Right now, business organizations and owners everywhere have seen the true light of this Presidents agenda: to rid America of Capitalism and further develop a social war between the economic classes; in other words, its rich vs. poor in every sense of the word.

America was built on the drive, determination, and hard work of the entrepreneur—those with the guts, energy, and will to create. Those who work 20 hours a day, max out their credit cards for financing, tap into their creativity, take steep risks, and scratch themselves from dirt to build a worthwhile income and carve out their piece of self-created success. They are the ones which made this country what it is today. They are the ones who employ the masses. They are the ones who pay the majority of all taxes. They are the ones who brought us technological marvels. They are the people who reflect, support, realize, and have proven the American dream is possible. They are the reason people from every country around the world flock to our shores to realize the possibility of creating wealth for their children, and children’s children.

I’ve started, invested in, and been a part of three different businesses: a service business during my early twenties, real estate during the past ten years, and presently as an author. Funny thing, I can’t remember Uncle Sam playing a part in any of them. I really don’t recall a government representative going to the bank with me, swinging a hammer, or typing a word during a late night writing session. The Government didn’t give me any loans or other type of help either. Rather, it all came from my ingenuity, vision, hard work, and willingness to succeed. I thought up, supplied, and worked to create each one, successful or not. Now, our current President thinks people like me couldn’t have done it without him. Really? I think not.

The bridges and highways, say, a trucking company utilizes was built, and paid for by the taxpayer. The police and military securing our borders, watching our skies, and protecting our hard-earned assets are also paid by the taxes which business owners give to our government when services and products are sold. The schools, libraries, and teachers that educate our future entrepreneurs are supported by property taxes. On and on I could go. So, how could this President stand and say we couldn’t do it without Big Brother standing by our side? After all, we’re the ones who pay his salary, we’re the ones who bought the concrete for those bridges and roads we use, we’re the ones who purchased those Government buildings lining the landscape of Washington, and never forget, we’re the ones who maintain it all (including that famous White Mansion on Pennsylvania Avenue) where Mr. Obama rests after a day filled with campaigning. We, the American taxpayer bought it all. We own it all. So yes, Mr. President, we’re all in this together. But, not like he thinks we are. He believes we owe the Government, that we’re in debt to those who make the laws allowing us to become entrepreneurs. He truly believes the more Government the better, therefore creating more opportunity for all. But, in reality, he has it completely backwards—I’ll give him a small break here though, because he doesn’t know any better. After all, what else could you expect from one whose background consists of being a State Senator and campaign fundraiser? Not a businessperson.

I know I’m dreaming here, but I’d love to require every President, Senator, and Congressman have a business background prior to entering office. It would do wonders in bringing an end to our national debt, keep our Government on a tight financial leash, do away with the idea of socialism inside a country built on Capitalism, and make every lawmaker actually think before signing onto another bureaucratic entitlement. Business is what drives our economy. It’s what pays our bills. And I think I can speak for every business owner out there by saying, “The Government works for us, we don’t work for it.”

But yet, we have a President who imagines a country entirely different:

“If you've got a business - you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen.”  --Barack Obama

He added: “You didn't get there on your own. I'm always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart.”   --Barack Obama

These are the words of a President who clearly doesn’t believe in the American dream. Who truly thinks big government produces jobs, not private enterprise. And it’s hard to imagine I once looked upon this President as someone who might bring a positive light upon the American people.

With just over 100 days left till the election, it’s not too early to begin deciding which future you want for America.

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