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An Open Letter to Congress and the President from an irate citizen

An open letter to congress from an irate citizen...

To continue making our ballooning national debt a partisan issue is not only abdicating your fundamental responsibility to the citizens of this nation, but a foolhardy and cavalier insult to the world at large. Get busy, get your heads together, do what's right. Stop the posturing. Stand up for seniors who have spent their lifetimes paying into the very system you have been raiding to support your cherry-picked military follies aimed at "democratizing" other sovereign nations. Stop protecting the bank accounts of a few, greedy, ultra-rich, ivory tower dwellers and save the middle class from disappearing altogether.

I, for one (and I know I'm not alone here) am sick and tired of hearing about how taxing the wealthy would be a job killer. That is an out-and-out lie, and every one of you knows it. If giving rich folks tax breaks created jobs, we wouldn’t have over nine percent unemployment now, after 10 years of the lowest taxes in decades. The more you repeat such nonsense, the more ridiculous you sound.

Take off the red, rubber clown noses and put your real hooters to the grindstone. Maybe I’m being a pie-eyed Pollyanna but I'll bet, if you remove those size-50 flip-flops, you could sprint to the finish line with an agreement that would actually put us on the path to solvency through shared sacrifice. Do your jobs. I dare all ya'all.

Rand Bishop

Nashville, TN