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Haiku and R. K. Singh: A Critical Analysis of his Peddling Dream                 --K.V. DOMINIC Haiku originally was a Japanese form of poetry consisting of seventeen moras or on, in three metrical phrases of five, seven and five moras respectively. Haiku contain a kigo, or seasonal...
In the neighbouring Afghanistan, some dozen Kabul women, who call poetry their sword, are determined to protect their new-found freedom despite constant death threats from the Talibans.  Poetry is their form of resistance in a taboo-ridden, extremely conservative and almost illiterate society that treat poetry writing as sin.  Karima Shabrang, for...
Metric Conversions: Poetry of Our Time (edited, compiled and translated into Crimean Tatar by Taner Murat, with illustrations by Sagida Siraziy). Iasi, Sos: Editura StudIS, 2013. Pages 299. ISBN 9786066244497.
Taner Murat has a mission: To revive and popularize his native tongue through poetry. He views the compilation and editing of the anthology as an exercise in intercultural exchange, "an encouragement to cultural contact and sharing, and an invitation to acknowledge otherness as originally planned and created by God," as he confides to me. Though Metric...
Poetcrit, Vol. XXVI, No.2, July 2013, pp. 83-87
TABISH KHAIR: QUEST FOR HOME AND CULTURAL IDENTITY   by NAMRATA PRERNA HORO and  R.K SINGH   Indian poetry in English today has overcome the subjugation to the influence of English, American or Western poets and post-colonial temperament. The whole range of contemporary poetry projects the inner self of poets. Their history, experiences and...
The Journal of Indian Writing in English, Vol. 41, No.2, Jul6 2013
BIPLAB MAJUMDAR: A POET OF SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS      By: PALLAVI  KIRAN  and  R.K.SINGH   Biplab Majumdar, an emerging voice from West Bengal, writing for more than two decades in English and Bangla, is no exception to one of the recent trends that reflect humans caught in the process of dehumanisation. The poet shows a...
Being good couldn’t make me know any better I was harmless they sold my name and became what I couldn’t in the middle of daylight I vanished like names from voters’ list with no difference to who wins or who loses –R.K. Singh
      VIEWS AND INTERVIEWS:   R.K. SINGH’S POETRY                        A compilation of articles and interviews by the Indian English Poet, Ram Krishna Singh       Copyright: R.K.Singh   13 June 2013            ...
SELECTED POEMS OF A.MAO. Poems in Chinese by A. Mao, translated by Zhang Zhizhong. Published by The Earth Culture Press (USA), Chongqing City, P.R. China. 2012. Pages 255. Price CNY 50.00; US$ 20.00   Mao Juzhen (b. 1967), pen name A. Mao, is one of the top Chinese young writers today. She has four collections of poetry and other prose works, including a...
The New Year is about to begin. 2012 has been very significant: It sees humanity at the crossroads, with the entire generation rising up to build a saner and fairer way of life for every one. We are witness to the growing voice of the people calling for change: the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, the campaign against Ireland's abortion ban, the movement...
BOOK REVIEW:  Dr R.K. SINGH Hsu Chicheng. Blossoming Blossoms of Poetry: Selected Poems of Hsu Chicheng (Chinese – English).  Translated by Zhang Zhizhong. Chongqing City: The Earth Culture Press (USA), 2012. Pages 382. Price CNY 50.00 , US $ 25.00. ISBN 978-0-9637599-6-2/E.009 The volume of Selected Poems of Hsu Chicheng seeks to present his poetic...