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From the Lips of the Goddess
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Cheryl Straffon
Goddess Alive!

This is really a most extraordinary book. Rajesh Talwar, a lawyer who works for the United Nations, was on a visit to the holy shrine of the Mother Goddess Vaishno Devi near Jammu in India, when he had a direct channelling of the Goddess relayed simultaneously, but individually, to the eight devotees who were gathered there in the cave. He says: "Her words were heard all at once like a symphony in which the music is one organic whole but the notes played by each individual instrument can be picked up". In this book of 116 pages he recounts the words of the Goddess spoken to all eight devotees who had gathered to recieve Her darshan. We speak nowadays about connecting to the Goddess in the western world, but here is the authentic voice of Goddess in a culture that has never forgotten Her, and to whom She is a living presence. Unique!

A direct channeling