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Rajesh Talwar's Books

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Soon after Anzan’s arrival in Kabul he is embroiled in a surreal episode that involves the murder of a friend and fellow inmate of a guest house. There are three possible suspects in the killing of the American army officer, but gradually each one is eliminated. As he travels north and south of the country investigating, he begins to doubt if he will ever discover who killed his...
The Goddess
  This little volume contains the words of the Mother Goddess Vaishno Devi as hear by a disciple during a visit to Her holy shrine near Jammu. The Goddess addressed eight devotees who were together in a cave towards the end of their pilgrimage while She gave them Her darshan. She spake with them as a group but also addressed those present individually. In the gathering were...
John, a lecturer in Philosophy at Delhi University returns to his flat one evening to find a letter waiting for him. A subsequent meeting with the author of the letter puts a question mark over the supposed death of John's fiancée six year earlier. He temporarily suspends his work with the hijra community in Delhi to accompany Diamond, a researcher in aesthetics to Shimla, where he...
  INGLISTAN is a novel. Its main protagonist Rabi is an Indian lawyer, who comes to New College, Oxford to do a six-month diploma in Human Rights Law. The novel chronicles the high and low points of his half-year through his interaction with relatives long settled in England, former Indian friends now based there, and students who represent British, American, European and...
Two Plays
A MOST UNSUITABLE GIRL is a tragicomedy play on the prevalent social practice in India on giving dowry upon the marriage of a young woman by her parents and how in certain circumstances the absence (or lack) of dowry might have potentially fatal consequences for the bride. The play, despite having been written in a comic style is more serious and hard hitting compared with other...
An Enviromystery
Monika, Pravir and Roomy from a small group devoted to the protection of the environment- the Three Greens. They discover the world through adventure, mystery and romance. They explore the world together; learn from their peers, elders and from nature. Engagingly told, these stories conduct us through small experiences and seek solutions to serious environmental issues.
Courting Injustice
In a tongue and cheek account the author has described with great clarity and insight the current mess the (Indian) judiciary finds itself in. He has also suggested ways and means by which this crisis in the legal system could be tackled. This book is essential reading for policy makers, those concerned with the law and the concerned citizen.
The Information Technology Act, 2000 has put in place a legal framework which seeks to facilitate growth and protection of business interests in the explosive Internet era. It is therefore vital for all businesses, whether specifically involved with e-commerce or not, to clearly understand the implications and nuances of such key issues as security of information assets, protection...
Inside Gayland.jpg
Inside Gayland is a crazy satirical play on the law criminalizing homosexuality in India. The absurdity of this outdated law comes out forcefully when seen together with a similar law criminalizing heterosexuality in Gayland. The mind-searing trauma of gays and lesbians in India shunned by society and criminalized by the law can be better appreciated in the light of the pathetic...
This book explains simply and clearly the various legal procedures which govern marriage and divorce amongst different religious communities. Divorce is a traumatic affair, not only for the couple concerned and their children; often even their respective parents, brothers and sisters get dragged into a messy, bitter and prolonged dispute. Then, too, rarely do divorce seekers...
The hijras in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh represent a terribly marginalized minority community, to the extent that they are even ignored by human rights activists. In this book, the author argues that their situation can be compared with that of transsexuals in the west, both in terms of the psycho-social compulsions faced by a man who voluntarily decides to become a hijra or...
Law and Justice
In a society governed by the rule of law all of us at some time or the other find ourselves in litigation whether of our own making or as a result of someone filing a case. And then you need a lawyer. This book explains in non-legal, easy to understand style how to choose a lawyer, what to look for one and what to expect from him/her.
It is not merely sensible but also advisable for every adult to make a Will. A Will ensures that your property goes to people of your choice. It can also pre-empt litigation among your legal heirs about who should get what. In this book the author explains simply and clearly everything you need to know about making your Will such as: What you can bequeath and what you can't; The...