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Rachel Toor's Books

The Pig and I
The Pig and I follows the hilly course of author Rachel Toor’s romantic life as she falls in love with a series of pets, and in and out of love with an equally eclectic string of men,many of whom bear a striking resemblance to the animals, both in looks and temperament. From Prudence, a sweet, white lab mouse who hates Rachel’s sweet, mousy actor-boyfriend Charlie, to Emma the Pig...
Admissions Confidential
From School Library Journal Adult/High School-A look into the admissions process that may make high school students rethink their college choices. Toor describes her first year as an admissions officer at Duke from the summer campus tours and interviews to the final push in May to persuade the students who were accepted to commit to her university. Each section is prefaced with...
Rachel Toor was a bookish egghead who ran only to catch a bus. How such an unlikely athlete became a runner of ultramarathons is the story of Personal Record, an exhilarating meditation on the making, and the minutiae, of a runner's life. The food, the clothes, the races, the injuries, the watch (and Toor loves her watch) are all essential to the runner, as readers discover here,...