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Review by Justin Hoffman "Maestro" is a Divine Leader by Unlocking Your Destiny"

Maestro by Rachel Madorsky shows the reader many ways to change their destiny. The engaging tales captivate and enlighten. Several people come to Rachel for help, and find it.

She opens a door to the reader, one probably closed, that she opens to each person she heals. Once the door is opened, they can find their way from their troubles to an improved destiny. On the path Madorsky explains why so many suffer so much: past injustices. As the soul is reincarnated its past wrong-doings are punished upon the current body, manifesting in many diseases, such as all types of cancer.

She has the ability to help the reader search deep inside themselves to find the root of their current pains and to work toward forgiveness, a forgiveness that will release the body from the punishment, curing them. Then the reader finds their destiny changed to one much improved.

Madorsky engages the reader to seek self-improvement, regardless of their current situation, because it will improve their children’s lives too. Whether you believe in God, many gods, or no god of any kind, you will find this book a divine leader on the way to unlocking your destiny. If you enjoy stories of miracles or believe in the unbelievable, this book is for you. Improving your life isn't easy, but it can be done - this book proves it.

by Justin Hoffman