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Fetish Systems
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  • Paperback
  • Feb.16.2011
  • 9781456772680
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Raafat gives an overview of the book:

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"In our defense, this is a conversation – as we strip into comforting costumes of maneuver. For the sake of perception, let us suspend everything – everything including us and them, whatever we told them and whatever they told us, whatever we think and whatever we think they think – let us suspend everything, until we earn things – one thing at a time. This is not a manifesto; you will read this and do absolutely nothing. This is not claiming prophecy, because for now – god has never existed. So, I am not sure what to call this. I cannot dictate whether this is a work of fiction, or non-fiction. I am thinking of it as a matter of comfort zone. Fiction is what would take me out of myself into myself to produce an autobiographical mapping of a non-self, or for that matter, a non-existing self that exists because I tell it to – want it to – wants me to. Non-fiction would be the geographical output of my trajectories within this set of suspensions I am allocating as center-stage. It has never been the case since we would exist, anyways, within either – it has constantly been a matter of actualization of opinions and abstractions that would define norms of this and norms of that, where in fact – there could be no real – as fiction dilutes nothing into everything."

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