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The curious incident...

This morning my pen and I had a disagreement over a few things. I was sure that I was the one in control since I was the one holding the pen firmly in my right hand. The pen assumed it was in control because it was the one supplying the ink! She's one of those fancy blue-red-black pens. I started writing my daily morning diary this morning as usual and I had to stop mid-sentence. The words pouring out of my tricolored girl were not mine! Where oh where did these words come from? I eventually figured it that it must be my pen that was creating these scribbles. Luckily I'm typing now and she is no longer making demands on my right hand.

"Hold me like this, Quenntis. Now move my tip gently up and down and across the page. Write neatly! Don't press down too hard, you're wasting my precious ink! That's right..."

Have you ever had that feeling that someone else is writing the words you see appearing on the page below your hand?

"Wow, that's a pretty good sentence. I like that. Oh that's not so good. Hah! You mis-spelt that word!"

Sometimes I like to imagine that someone else is writing then I can take a break and observe from the outside with more objectivity. Imagining my pen is the originator of my writings sometimes frees me to be more creative and free. Writing then becomes easier and less stressful. I come to the page with my friends and we share the work. Fun? You bet! Try it out.

She wrote a new piece titled, "Rain Dance Music."