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Sign in?

Every day I switch on my computer and I wonder if I'm working for myself or for some sinister Being in the machine. Each time I sign in or log on I think I'm at work. When I sign out or log off early I actually feel guilty, as though I'm skimping on some work.

I suppose as a writer I am at work, but then why do I need to sign in to start work? I don't log on to write in my journal or on the scraps of toilet paper when the inconvenience of inspiration cannot be avoided. What is the difference then? Perhaps writing in my journal is basically for me and online work is for myself and others.

There is a difference when you know you're writing for an audience (even if only one person reads this). I guess the audience needs to know who you are, so signing in is a way for them to identify you and your words. I'm happier of thinking about logging on as a way for me to digitally sign my name on the work I do.

No one is forcing me to write every day. That’s the beauty of writing, it’s something I do freely daily because it is the one thing I really enjoy doing. Writing is a reward in itself. So today I signed in as usual and after all is written and read, I’ll sign out and switch off to face the summer in Taiwan.