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Muse Sick?

When my muse feels sick I turn on the music and let the healing sounds enter the drums in my ears. Soon my muse is amused, laughing and dancing like there's no tomorrow. For my muse, there really isn't a tomorrow. She's always present in the present; engaged in the now, the heat of the moment, the forge of words. She's working her heart out. Every day. Thank you. When she gets sick I know just the music to cheer her up, a little ABBA does a girl wonders. My muse is a Super Trouper. She's the Dancing Queen on the page because she knows the Winner Takes It All.  She always tells me, "Take a chance on me!" And I do. Every day. That's the Name of the Game: Trust. Do you trust your muse? Is she sick today, too? Give her some ABBA to listen to and she'll be right as rain in no time flat!