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Good news: I'm in!
Rambling Poets at Cafe Cyber (Volume I)

I spent the last few weeks getting a 10-page sample of poetry and a 25-page sample of creative writing together for my MFA application. I also had to get 2 letters of recommendation, write a personal essay about my desire to be a writer and a creative essay on some aspect of writing craft. Phew!

I heard last Monday that I got accepted into the Creative Writing MFA course at City University of Hong Kong. I applied for the fiction and also the poetry genres and got into both. Although the course director did point out that my poetry submission was stronger than my fiction. I had a 30 minute conversation with her and we decided to focus on poetry. I expressed my wish to try my hand at writing a novel in verse. The MFA is a 2 to 4 year online course with three residencies throughout the year. Yes, I have to fly to Hong Kong 3 times a year to be on campus.

 I start in the summer.

 I can't wait.

Whether it makes me more likely to succeed as a writer is not the point. I'd like to teach (drama, writing, dance, music...) at a university level and I need a master's degree to even consider applying for a position. Of course, meeting new writers and others who are more professional and have more advice and experience to share make that road to publication richer and more diverse.

I'm even planning my PHD already I'm so excited!


Anyway, I just wanted to share the good news by way of apology for being absent from Red Room for so long. My plate's been too full. I'll be posting more often from now on methinks.

 PS: Another project on the way is the design and editing of a second book of poetry, called Poeticising Chat: Rambling Poets at Cafe Cyber (Volume II). 11 Poets from around the world collaborate on the project. Do any red room readers wish to review it? We're still looking for more reviewers for our first publication... Anyone want to have a look at the book and let us know what you think?



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Congratulations Quenntis! An exciting journey awaits. I look forward to reading all about it. A verse novel sounds wonderful. What ideas do you have for a phD? Your CyberCafe poetry book also sounds like a terrific project. I would love to have a look sometime. Congrats again!

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Thanks Cindy

My PHD ideas are interdisciplinary - putting performance and literature together via dance-drama-theatre-opera-music-film... etc. I have a solid background in theatre and music composition, as well as dance choreography... so the ideas keep whizzing about... 

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From one MFA candidate to another: Congratulations! I also started dreaming of my Phd as soon I started getting accepted into Master programs. My goal is also to teach on the collegiate level. Anyhoo, what on earth made you look into a MFA program in Hong Kong? Is it cheaper?

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Hi Maryam

Congrats on the candidature! We must keep in contact as our respective courses progress. I chose Hong Kong because it's quite near to Taiwan, where I'm based, and the program and staff look quite approachable. I like the mix of online and residency study. I have to travel to Hong Kong three times a year for a week to 2 weeks each time to be on campus. It's not really cheaper, just more convenient for me - as I have a new baby (3 months old already) and a family to support so taking time off work was not an option. I'd also like to teach and do more research on a collegiate level. At the moment I teach in Kindergartens and Cram schools in Taiwan. There is no long term future in this kind of employment and I can feel my brain cells starting to atrophy... So this Master's is a perfect career move for me. When do you start your Master's?

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Hi Maryam

(double post): apologies

thought I'd write a poem

then afterwards

I thought the poem

would be better left



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Q - great

Q - great news.......................m

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Thanks Mary

This year feels as if its going to be a fantastic year - and I feel so supported by everyone. Thanks. Q

 1-11 : birth of my daughter Chloe

1-19 : 24-hour play festival actor

1-30 : publication of Rambling Poets at Cafe Cyber

April : planned publication of Poeticising Chat (Volume II)

July : planned start of Master's


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Hey!  Good things come to

Hey!  Good things come to good people...enjoy. m

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Missed You!

I'm glad to hear your absence has been for good things. Congratulations, and please keep us posted on how the continued education is going. So excited for you!