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Decisions... why do we have to make them?

We have to make a tough final decision this Friday when we see the doctor in the morning... To terminate or not to terminate the twins... Because they are mo-mo twins, very high risk of later complications - tangled umbilicals and TTTS... and it's also very dangerous for Nicole to try to carry all 3 to term...


But they are all three healthy and active now at 11 weeks... Watching them kick and turn and wave and eat on the ultrasound makes us feel we're already so connected with our unborn children. If we try and have all 3 we might lose all three or damage their lungs and health from being born premature (which is almost always the case with multiples). 


The danger to Nicole is also tremendous - she has a quadruple chance of having a heart attack, higher blood pressure, the possibility of seizing or having a stroke, elevated heart heart, and possible protein in the urine later... She's already spent a lot of time at home resting and taking it easy during her first trimester.

What do we do?

Sighless for now...