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I used to drink mine black

Until the oil spill.

No, not in the kitchen.

Not in the shop.

Nor at the garage.


Watching CNN and BBC on TV

With 24/7 coverage of animals

Wearing coats of coffee sludge

Killed my taste for the sweet hot blackness

In mugshots of suffocating and suffering fashion.


Run away, models.

Fly away from there, gents.

Swim away to waters cleaner and safer, ladies.

Let’s help remove the coats we’re killing you with.

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One of the first 5 questions asked during a woman's physical, "How many cups of coffee do you drink per day?" Two seems acceptable. I wonder, would 2 quarts, gallons, barrels, or days of an oil spill be acceptable. Thanks for the poignant poem.

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And thank you

for your comment. I still drink my coffe black - but every time I stare into the hot murky depths I remember the images I saw on the TV and in the newspapers. Drinking coffee now reminds me to be more appreciative of the clean nature around me. Q